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Coping with Mask Rash

Coping with Mask Rash

As the pandemic continues, we're all spending more time in masks. Evidence shows the effectiveness of masks, and it’s important to do whatever we can to overcome problems wearing them. Sometimes, wearing a mask can cause — or worsen — breakouts, rashes and other skin problems on the face.

Though so-called “maskne” (mask + acne) isn’t always related to acne, you might notice some facial breakouts as a possible side effect of mask use. Anna Chien, M.D., dermatologist in the Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology, that people might be more likely to experience face-mask-related bumps and rashes if they’re already living with skin issues, such as rosacea, acne, eczema, allergies or sensitivity to warm or humid air. The skin around the nose, mouth and chin — the places covered by a face mask — is very delicate, Chien explains. “One thing we’re seeing more often these days is perioral dermatitis, a condition similar to rosacea,” Chien says.

What are some easy steps to reduce mask related skin issues?

1. Choose a clean mask made of soft natural material, or double mask with a soft layer of skin contact if your occupation requires specific PPE.

2. Clean your face with a mild cleanser before applying a mask for the day.

3. Apply a moisturiser that will act as a barrier.

Powered by Dragon's Blood, Lab Gardens Superfood Face Serum is the perfect choice. The unique naturally occurring plant compounds in Dragon's Blood are your first round of defense for mask created conditions. Firstly it's antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal so it discourages the multiplication of those three in the warm humid environment under your mask. This reduces things like acne as well as secondary infections related to abrasion. Anti inflammatory and analgesic phytochemicals reduce redness, irritation, swelling and pain. Proanthocyanidin is unique to Dragon's Blood and repairs and promotes new collagen production. This keeps your skin youthful, healthy and elastic and means less scarring during recovery. Superfood face serum is formulated with an organic Aloe Vera base and other high potency amazonian botanicals such as Camu Camu Fruit and Copaiba Oil that cool, hydrate, nourish and protect your skin without feeling heavy or greasy. 

We've had lots of great reports coming in from people who have successfully used our Superfood Face Serum for mask related breakouts. Check out our google reviews. As always, if a condition persists, please go see your doctor or dermatologist for medical advice.


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