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Stop the itch! Insect bites and Dragon's Blood

Stop the itch! Insect bites and Dragon's Blood

Some people are always monstered by mosquitos. Apart from keeping them away, the next question they often have is "what is going to make the itching stop??!!" Everytime I went to the Amazon, I felt I was eaten alive, luckily I always had plenty of Dragon's Blood. Once applied to the bite, my skin felt better almost instantly and I had sustained relief for several hours. In fact, it's effective on all types of insect bites, not just mosquitos.

Clinical tests show that in pest control workers, Dragon's Blood was preferred over placebo, for the relief of itching, pain, discomfort, swelling, and redness in response to wasps, fire ants, mosquitoes, bees, cuts, abrasions, and allergic plant reactions (poison ivy and others). Subjects reported relief within minutes, and that it provided pain relief and alleviated symptoms (itching and swelling) for up to six hours. These reported effects in humans as well as several other tests they conducted in animals and in vitro models of inflammation led them to conclude that sangre de grado prevents pain sensation by blocking the activation of nerve fibers that relay pain signals to the brain (therefore functioning as a broad-acting pain killer) as well as blocks the tissue response to a chemical released by nerves that promotes inflammation.

So next time you head out into a balmy evening, or that picnic in the grass, grab your Dragon's Blood too.


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