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Plant anti-virals and Covid-19?

Plant anti-virals and Covid-19?

Your nose and throat are the first point of entry into your system for the Covid-19 virus. If the virus can penetrate the cells in your throat, then it is able to replicate and descend into your lungs causing pneumonia and a whole cascade of life threatening symptoms.

Dragon's Blood has been shown to be an effective natural anti-viral in clinical tests in the United States. Using Dragon's Blood as a mouth rinse and throat gargle a couple times a day could prevent the virus from infecting your throat tissue and stopping the progression of the virus into your lungs. Other effective plant anti-virals such as fresh ginger will also be effective. Hot infusions of licorice and cinnamon as well.

If your throat is already sore, Dragon's Blood can reduce the symptoms and the viral load. Just put 5-10 drops into warm water and gargle for 10-15 seconds. Avoid drinking other liquids for 15 minutes. This method is especially effective before bed leaving the Dragon's Blood to coat your throat for the longest possible time.

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