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Pet Care and Dragon's Blood

Pet Care and Dragon's Blood

The amazon is a pretty challenging environment for domestic animals. Dogs and cats are on the bottom rung of priorities for many jungle families who are trying to provide for their families. Veterinary care is rarely sought out and when it is, it is usually for desexing and parasite control. As with their own health, jungle pet owners turn to Dragon's Blood to cure most issues and, on the occasions that I have observed, it does an amazing job!

I have seen Dragon's Blood seal up and heal open wounds on dogs suffering post surgery or after a fight with another animal. It stops the itching on allergic reactions and heals the skin with issues like mange. Fungal problems disappear. Diarrhea, especially in new puppies and kittens, is common and after an oral dose of Dragon's Blood, their system is clear. Clinical studies have proven Dragon's Blood to be effective against viral diarrhea in horses and livestock and pharmaceutical companies have branded isolates from Dragon's Blood for veterinary care.

The reason Dragon's Blood is so perfect for pet care is because it is non-toxic, and is actually beneficial to their system if ingested. The resin relieves pain, itching and swelling, so your animal is also less likely to interfere with an external wound site, and if they do, you simply reapply the Dragon's Blood.

Next time your pet has a problem with their skin or digestion, give some Dragon's Blood a try. Your pet will thank you!


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