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Dragon's Blood for Your Sore Throat

Dragon's Blood for Your Sore Throat

Difficulty swallowing? Razor blades in your throat? Scratchy, itchy irritation? Hoarse from coughing? Laryngitis? If you're like me, you can count on getting at least one of these horrible things per year, particularly in winter. Whatever the cause, Dragon's Blood is the amazon's all natural plant remedy that gets me feeling better fast. 

Whether the cause is bacterial or viral, Dragon's Blood is an effective treatment for reducing the duration and the symptoms of throat infections. Because it contains an array of naturally occurring phytochemicals that address both the cause and the symptoms of your sore throat, it's more effective than many phamaceuticals containing  single isolates.

Clinical studies have shown that Dragon's Blood is a potent antiviral and antibacterial agent. These will reduce the viral or the bacterial load in your throat, addressing the cause. Dragon's Blood is also an immunomodulator, meaning it helps regulate or normalise your immune system so your body has the power to fight the infection. Your symptoms are reduced by Dragon's Blood analgesic and anti inflammatory properties, reducing the pain and the irritation.

Many times we get an infection that starts in our nose or throat and it drops into our chest. Dragon's Blood, if used at the outset, will help get the situation under control so that things don't migrate to your lungs.

Next time you start to feel a tickle...get out the Dragon's Blood and stop it before it takes hold. Below you'll find some useful tips on how best to use it.


Put 2 drops into a quarter glass of warm water and gargle small amounts at a time. This mixture has a tendency to bubble and foam so small amounts are easier to manage. Swallow slowly. Avoid other liquids for at least 15 minutes. Do this several times a day or as needed.


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