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All Natural Relief for Herpes

All Natural Relief for Herpes

Dragon's Blood is used in the amazon for the treatment of oral and genital herpes. Apart from its well documented reputation as an indigenous plant remedy, Dragon's Blood has been proven effective against these viral conditions in the laboratory and in clinical testing. In fact, Dragon's Blood far outperforms the most commonly prescribed antiviral pharmaceuticals.

The sap from the croton lechleri tree exhibits significant inhibitory activity against the herpes virus, (HSV) types 1 and 2, including those resistant to phamaceuticals Acyclovar and Foscarnet. The antiviral mechanism of Dragon's Blood is its ability to directly bind to components of the viral envelope, which inhibits attachment and penetration of the plasma membrane. In simple terms, Dragon's Blood disrupts the herpes virus from invading healthy tissue. This means that added to water it can be used as a genital wash both internally and externally before or after sexual activity to reduce viral attachment during exposure. This method can also be used for oral exposure.

If you are suffering from an existing herpes condition, Dragon's Blood applied topically will reduce the severity of the outbreak and heals the skin with a combination of phytochemicals that promote healing in different ways. Analgesic compounds will reduce the pain, anti inflammatories will reduce redness, swelling and nerve inflammation, astringent compounds dry up blisters quickly. In addition to all that, Dragon's Blood actually promotes new collagen production in the skin so scarring is reduced and skin heals four times faster. It's this synergistic mechanism that makes Dragon's Blood more effective than pharmaceutical isolates. It addresses the whole problem of reducing the virus AND promoting skin recovery.


EXTERNALLY: Apply Dragon's Blood directly to the outbreak. If the outbreak is visible, we recommend you dispense a couple drops into your palm and mix it with your finger until the Dragon's Blood lightens in colour to match your skin tone. Then apply as a spot treatment. Reapply as necessary because it wears off if it gets wet. The best time to apply Dragon's Blood is before bed so that it has the maximum time to interact with your skin.

INTERNALLY: Add a few drops to a glass of water and use as a mouth rinse. Apply directly to an internal mouth ulcer. Or add a few drops to a warm water douche and insert vaginally. Use as needed.

Also, Dragon's Blood is safe to ingest with no known side effects and possibly can be beneficial during viral outbreaks due to its immunostimulant properties which have also been documented.



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